Spanish workshop of the ELF@Home project

face-to-face meeting

In parallel with the consortium meeting, a Spanish dissemination event was held on December 17th in Gijón. This workshop aimed to present the general idea of the project to the ICT companies of the region. Juan Luis Carús (project coordinator at CTIC) presented the motivation and the objectives of the project and Sonia García (technical manager in CTIC) talked about the technical aspects of the ELF@Home solution. Sheila Méndez (R&D manager at Izertis) introduced the business plan of the project paying special attention to the expected impact of the solution. A final demonstration was given showing the functionalities of the project. 


Spanish workshop of the ELF@Home project Spanish workshop of the ELF@Home project 2

ELF@Home in Spanish mass media

face-to-face meeting

During the consortium meeting, a press article about the ELF@Home project was published in the regional newspaper “La Nueva España”. The RPA radio interviewed Juan Luis Carús (project coordinator) in the program called “El tren”.



Spanish mass media

Mid-term review report

face-to-face meeting

The outcome of the Mid-term review of the project was very promising for the consortium. The reviewers concluded that the project progress is “Very good progress - the project has achieved most of its objectives and technical goals with relatively minor deviations. The end-user involvement has been satisfactory”. Comments and recommendations will be studied for the project consortium to improve the progress of the project and to guarantee the excellence required.


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Mid-Term Review of ELF@Home


On December 17th-18th, the Mid-Term Review of the ELF@Home project will be in Gijón (Spain). A Spanish dissemination event will be allocated with this review.

ELF@Home @ “dvs-Kongress der Kommission Gesundheit”


On November 20th-22th, ELF@Home will be on “dvs-Kongress der Kommission Gesundheit” in Erlangen (Germany). The poster “ELF@Home – implementation of an intelligent service platform for a sustainable increase of activity of elderly people” will be presented in this conference to disseminate the ELF@Home work.