Fundación CTIC - Centro Tecnológico

Fundación CTIC - Centro Tecnológico (Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Asturias) is a non-profit private organization, constituted by a group of firms from the Information and Communication Technologies field, and the Government of the Principality of Asturias. CTIC - CT is specialised in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies. It is a technical and neutral organisation, which is committed to the territorial development and also to the economic and social progress. CTIC R&D organizes its core activities in four research units: Semantic Technologies, Mobility and Device Independency, 4U (User, Universal, Useful, Usable) and Emergent technologies / industrial solutions. The R&D area with 28 researches has been taken part in more than 50 R&D Spanish projects in collaboration with a wide set of business entities, most of them SMEs. At European level the R&D department has been involved in 2 European projects in the INTERREG program, 1 project in the FP6 program and 4 projects in the FP7 program during the last 5 years. CTIC -CT researches for and in collaboration with companies of various sizes and sectors (BMT, Audi, SAP, Atos Origin, Telefónica R&D, ArcelorMittal, Indra, etc.). CTIC - CT also takes part in several Spanish and European Technology Platforms through several working groups or by being part of their managing committees, thus contributing to their strategic and research agendas. In the ELF@Home project CTIC will be the coordinator due to its experience in other European Projects. At technical level CTIC will be responsible for the Fitness box component. This component will allow CTIC to continue the lines of research about user interfaces and interaction modes (gestures, voice, etc.). 


Izertis is an SME founded in 1987 with focus on engineering and IT services. The head office is located in Asturias (Spain) and the company has several branch offices in the Northern Spain. Izertis is a consolidated engineering company providing IT-infrastructure services and also developing technology-based products for public administrations and private companies, mainly web-based platforms and virtual assistants based on semantic technologies. During the last three years the company has strongly reinforced its innovation strategy, going for investing own resources and also participating in regional and national R&D projects. Izertis will act as business partner in the ELF@Home project, providing IT infrastructure for the pilot and also working on RTD tasks related to virtual monitoring. They will also be involved in dissemination and exploitation issues.

Sociedad Gerontológica y Geriátrica del Principado de Asturias

Sociedad de Geriatría y Gerontología del Principado de Asturias

Sociedad de Geriatría y Gerontología del Principado de Asturias (Geriatrics and Gerontology Association of Asturias) is a non-profit legal entity with the mission of improving the health status of the Asturian population by promoting health care and psico-social intervention programs. SGGPA was founded in 1999 by healthcare professionals and lawyers. Nowadays it has 5 employees and 96 associated members. SGGPA works closely with public and private entities devoted to eldercare in Asturias, such as the Clinic management and Geriatric area of the Hospital Monte Naranco. They have also direct access to hundreds of primary end-users over 65 years old living independently at home. SGGPA will take part in the project as end-user, contributing the vision of the care professionals, assuring ethical issues and recruiting citizens for the pilot (primary end-users). In addition, eldercare professionals of SGGPA will be in charge of evaluating project outcomes not only from the primary end-user but also from the secondary end-user point of view, analyzing socio-demographic, nutritional and health-related variables.

Umeå University

Umeå University

Umeå University is the principal university for the northern part of Sweden, with about 37,000 students, 4,300 staff, 1,700 courses and 120 major study programmes. In the Department of Informatics at Umeå University, we attempt to explain the design and production of new information and communication technology and media. A central concern is with how technology and media are used, experienced and evaluated. The Q-life research group focuses on the potential of ICT in promoting wellbeing and mental and physical health. We work closely with many local organisations, including those representing the elderly and the disabled. Q-life members have considerable expertise and experience in the design, development and testing of novel forms of human-computer interaction, new digital media, virtual and augmented reality. Q-life are involved in several international projects and are the coordinators of AGNES: User-sensitive home-based systems for successful ageing in a networked society, a 3.6 million Euro project funded by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme. Q-life is currently also a partner in several other international projects, including RICHARD: Regional ICT based Clusters for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration (funded by EU FP7 Regions of Knowledge Health), and SILHOUETTE: uSIng noveL information and communication tecHnologies fOr the sUpport of Elderly's acTive parTicipation in the information society (funded by Interreg IVC). Q-life activities focus on producing and testing prototypes and applications with users. In the current project, we will continue and expand on this line of research, drawing on our experience of user involvement and testing. 

CheckUp AB

CheckUp AB is an SME R&D Company with a focus on sensors, wireless communication technology and transactions. Explizit Design and Development has experience of developing remote medical monitoring and wireless and mobile devices for healthcare applications as well as advanced booking, planning, resource and competence systems for different verticals in the market.

CheckUp has experience of developing remote medical monitoring and wireless and mobile devices for healthcare applications.

CheckUp will be in charge for the exploitation of the projects results and will contribute to the analysis and design of the ICT related technological and business aspects.Explizit Design and Development has developed a remote medical monitoring and wireless and mobile devices for healthcare applications called CheckUp, CheckUp is a result of a EU project.

Skellefteå Kommun

Skellefteå Kommun, in Northern Sweden, is a municipality with a population of 72,000. The Social Welfare Office (with a staff of 2100) is responsible for care of the older adult, which includes 700 accommodations for the older adult, 300 communal living establishments, 60 short-term stay homes and 13,000 home-help hours per year. The Kommun`s role in the project will be that of a care provider recruiting citizens for the design and testing of systems developed in the project.

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits established in 1985 and ranking first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues, the Erlangen-based Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS performs contract research and development for industry and public authorities. As part of the business field medical technology the Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing group develops and implements standardized medical communication protocols, telemedical infrastructures and platforms, signal processing algorithms based on medical sensor systems as well as motion analysis based on commercial acceleration sensors. With this respect, our solutions vary from algorithms for the automatic recognition of elementary movements like e. g. walking, running, cycling with one single sensor, the transmission of these algorithms onto mobile devices to the reconstruction of complex motions by means of networks of various sensors. In cooperation with our partners we developed sustainable methods and concepts to motivate especially elderly people to be more active in order to give them the opportunity to live a self-determined and healthy life.

Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH

Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH is focused on the development and application of methods for the stimulation and organization of innovation, the innovation management in complex settings, the integration of user requirements and motivation into innovative projects, and the usage of extensive and thorough context analysis. This can be achieved by the dynamic utilization and constant further development of INNO’s own innovation methodology (Holistische Innovation, Springer-Verlag 2009, see also and the application and integration of theoretical and applied knowledge in user motivation and requirements, contextual analysis and embedding, system visioning, and determination of technological opportunities. The team of INNO is experienced in the management of interdisciplinary, complex and multinational innovation projects. Over the last decade they have initiated, coordinated and managed a large number of innovation ventures with partners from industry (see references below), and academia around the globe, several of them funded by regional, national and international institutions. Since its founding in 2000, INNO has been working on systematic and holistic innovations in the fields of sports, wellness, health and lifestyle. In regard to the AAL Call, the most relevant project references are:

  • Conception, establishment and coordination of the first editions of the ispo Best Ager initiative (2006/2007),
  • Formation of the action alliance Best Ager, in cooperation with several regional and national partners
  • Participation in the project “Dynamic Garden" – Fitness, Movement, and Health for all Ages in Public Space – EUREKA
  • Successful application in the German AAL programme, “GEWOS – Gesund Wohnen mit Stil”.

2D Debus & Diebold Messsysteme GmbH

2D Debus & Diebold Messsysteme GmbH was founded in 1993 and has worked since its foundation in the development, production and sales of measuring systems for motorcycle racing. Over the course of 18 years 2D grew from a 2 man show to a well know industry leader and supplier with more than 20 employees. The USPs of the company are: functionality, size, weight and reliability of their products. The main achievements of the company are data collection, recording and evaluation for racing.The company has a large experience in the collection and analysis of data on humans and machines. Leading teams and companies in Moto-GP, Formula 1, sailing, soccer, vehicle manufacturing and aeronautics trust the reliability and superior quality of 2D’s products. The staff of the company has a high proportion of developers. With this resource, the company consistently develops new and innovative products. 2D Debus & Diebold Messsysteme GmbH is a supplier and developer for complete measurement systems (plug & play systems), custom made solutions (hardware and software) and customer needs (service and custom developments). Key factors for the development are simple and fast signal processing. 2D Debus & Diebold will integrate the results of the project directly into its product range and enhanced with this project, the division of medical technology products.