Sophie is a 63 year old woman retired and living independently in a small village of a rural area. Sophie follows her normally routine and relays in the ELF@Home service to do some fitness exercises three times per week. The system monitors her daily activity to calculate the activity level that Sophie has achieved in the last days and to propose a set of activities accordingly.

She starts the virtual trainer on her TV at the living room when the wearable device warns her accordingly to her daily routines. The virtual trainer presents some exercises to Sophie and she executes them in front of the TV and the camera above it. The signal of the camera is used by the virtual trainer to check exercise execution and to propose to Sophie the necessary improvements. For example, the virtual trainer asks Sophie to hold the arms open for more time to increase exercise effectiveness. After exercising, the virtual trainer asks Sophie to use some biomedical sensors to collect relevant information about her health status.

Her family can supervise Sophie exercises and encourage her when no enough activity has been done for a time.