The ELF@Home project idea is to use the proven advantages of elderly fitness to develop a self-care solution based on self-check of health conditions and fitness at home. The solution will use an autonomous fitness system targeting not frailty or pre-frailty elder people aged over 65 years and living independently at home.

project overview

The system will provide a personalized fitness plan in order to persuade and motivate users by facilitating and simplifying the access to fitness programs at home. The personalization of the fitness program offered to each user will be based on health status and continuous monitoring of life style and activity level of the user. The continuous monitoring of the life style and activity level will be accomplished by the development of a new wearable activity sensor specially designed for elderly needs. The health status monitoring will be done using biomedical sensors. The system will work as a personal trainer monitoring the physical activity of the user, generating a personalized fitness plan based on activity and self-care inputs, and verifying the right execution of this plan.

To achieve these goals the system will be compound of the wearable physical activity sensor, biomedical sensors, a simple TV interface for fitness sessions and a computer vision system to analyse fitness exercises execution. All these components will be connected to a service platform implementing the intelligence needed.

The system will be tested by two groups of users: users who will be supervised by professional gerontologists, and elderly people living in spare areas and with no previous experiences with elderly fitness. The first group will allow the validation of the proposed system in comparison with the current approaches. The second group will validate technology deployment and usability in an important potential market.