As shown in the figure the project is divided in four main phases by taking into account the works nature:

  • Project management, dissemination and exploitation (WP1, WP7)
  • Requirements gathering and user involvement (WP2)
  • Research and development (WP3, WP4, WP5).
  • Field trials (WP6).

work plan


WP1 – Project management (M1 - M36)

It will be running all along the project lifetime ensuring a successful completion of the project goals on time, within budget and with quality standards adequate for European Projects.


WP2 – Requirements gathering and user involvement (M1 – M9)

The objective of this work package is to define the functionalities and technical characteristics of the service by studying user requirements and service exploitation requirements.


WP3 – Sensing platform (M10 – M24)

The objective of this work package is the design and development of the health related sensors needed to acquire a health profile of the end-users: general bio-medical sensors and a wearable activity sensor.


WP4 - Fitness box - TV interface and computer vision (M10 – M24)

The main interface to the end-user will be a TV-based application that will be controlled using natural interaction modes (speech and gestures). The interface will guide end-users through the use of biomedical sensors and will also work as a fitness assistant.


WP5 – Intelligent service platform (M10 – M24)

The objective of this work package is to design and implement a service platform which is able to receive and to evaluate the information coming from all the sensor devices. Based on the gathered sensor data, a personalized fitness plan according to end-user’s health status will be generated.


WP6 - Integration and field trials (M25 – M36)

A field trial in a real scenario will be deployed to validate the proposed solution. The service will be tested with different groups of users in order to ensure a sound verification of the proposed solution.


WP7 - Dissemination and exploitation (M1 - M36)

The objectives of this work package are the development of the business plan and the promotion of project results to the target audience and stakeholders.